Lite Outdoors 18″ Stove


Designed for Fall/Winter camping, this light weight, packable, wood burning titanium stove will keep you warm and dry in the worst weather conditions. Use this stove to create a comfortable environment, dry wet clothing, or cook your meals. With a combination of stainless/titanium end plates, plus a titanium body and stove pipe you get all the benefits of titanium at a cost you can afford. Winter camper? Hunter? Preparing for the worst? This stove is for you.

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Absolutely no tools are required to put this stove together.

An adjustable air vent allows you to adjust the amount of air entering the stove. This creates the ability to control how hot or how long you want the stove to burn to fit your needs. Use the damper on the stove pipe to keep heat in the stove longer, allowing the stove to keep you warmer.

Titanium is less heat conductive, which means more heat is able to radiate into the tent instead of getting lost up the chimney. This means more heat, slower burns, and longer burn times than stoves made of other materials. Titanium is also stronger and harder than stainless, and half the weight.

Our stoves now have the option of adding a stove baffle. The baffle diverts heat through the stove to keep the heat/gasses in the stove longer for a hotter, more efficient burn.


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