Biking has always been about freedom and accessibility to all. It started as a means for faster transportation than walking, but quickly became an activity that was enjoyable by all who ventured out on two wheels. Biking is transportation. Biking is exercise. Biking is simple enjoyment. Biking is all those things and more, and at Atlas Outdoors, we want to encourage more and more people, of all skills, ages and backgrounds, to come out and re-discover the fun of riding a bike.

Your bike doesn’t care about your age, your background or your political beliefs. Getting out and riding your bike doesn’t have to cost you anything, there’s no monthly subscriptions, no gas tank to fill.  It’s plain, simple and fun.


1. Embracing Diversity on Two Wheels

Biking is simple and fun. You don’t have to have that $8000 bike, and the $400 shoes with your $300 helmet. Those may have their time and place, but we wish to boil our rides down to one simple principle. Ride your bike, at your level, and have fun doing it.

Joining our riding groups will help you to discover that getting outside and riding a bike is just fun. Our road biking group contains fit, fast triathletes as well as an overweight, cinnamon bun loving bike shop owner (oops) and everyone in between. Our trail riding group has people just starting, some that need often rest breaks and others that spin circles around the trail doing tricks the whole time. Our new ladies rides brought out seasoned racers as well as those who dragged their dusty 15 year old rides out of the shed and tried it for the first time. Our Bikes, Beers and BBQ rides opened up riding for everyone together. And our new Gravel group rides expands your horizons and your skills even further!

The common theme with all our rides is simply “get out and ride”. Everyone that joins our rides does so because they want to have a good time. Nobody is “too serious”. And it is awesome to see people in our groups being welcoming and encouraging everytime someone new comes out with us.

    2. Trail Group Rides

    One of the first group rides we started organizing at Atlas was our morning trail rides. Friday mornings started with just Adam and Scott heading out to explore some trails in and around Saskatoon. Soon, a few customer-turned-friends joined us and before long, we had a sizeable group of regulars meeting up and riding the trails.  There was a camaraderie built as we encouraged each other to try new things, make it up that next hill and push some of our limits.

    Riding in a group brings more motivation, enjoyment and improvement to a rider than a solo ride can do. When there are others meeting up to ride, we are more likely to get out and join them. And, if something does happen, there are people nearby to help.

    This year we are bringing our Friday morning trail rides back! Yes, we do realize that Friday mornings many people are at work, but this is just what works for us at this point in time. We will expand this more soon when we can do so.

    In addition to the Friday mornings, we will have a few longer events planned on a Sunday where we can hang out, grill some hot dogs and enjoy an afternoon of riding and hanging out. These rides are open to all (kids need an adult with them), all we ask is that you have a bike capable of tackling trails in good working order and let’s ride.

    Keep in the know about our next ride by joining the Warman Mountain Bike Group on Facebook.

      3. Saturday Morning Road Rides

      In the beginning, Scott started road biking in the mornings (back when we had time, oh those days were great!). Before long, a small group started forming and we started meeting up on Saturday mornings to ride together. We now have a consistent road biking group that meets up nearly every Saturday morning at 7:30am to ride for about an hour on the highways and roads around Warman.

      At the beginning, we would meet at the store and brew some coffee for after the ride. However, we soon moved our meet up location to the parking lot of Refuge Coffee & Baking because that coffee was much better and they had treats! What better way to end a ride than with a fresh cinnamon bun and coffee?

      Road biking is great exercise, and when you first ride a road bike you easily get addicted to the speed. However, riding highways alone can be dangerous, so in a group there is more visibility and more protection and it just makes sense! This group that has developed over the years is made up of a great cross section of riders. Some fit and fast, others just love putting on the miles and some just starting out. But nobody takes themselves too seriously. The group makes sure everyone feels welcome.

      Our average speeds vary depending on the group, but many newcomers find that if they can get in the middle and out of the wind, they can manage a much better pace than when they are alone. We discuss the week’s events, upcoming races and more as we pedal alongside the endless fields of canola and wheat under the warm morning sun.

      If you have a road bike, be sure to come and join us for a ride! You may find yourself hooked on the speed, community or just the treats at the end, but regardless you will have fun. Join the Warman Road Bike Group to stay in the know about all our upcoming rides and events!

        4. Ladies Trail Rides

        Last year, Jenn Martin helped us in a way that neither Adam and Scott could do. She started leading a ladies-only trail ride group! And it was more popular than we could’ve imagined. Ladies told us they loved having a time just for them. Whatever the reason each of them had for attending, the ladies trail rides were popular and a ton of fun (or so we witnessed).

        Creating a fun and safe space for ladies to ride is crucial. There were ladies attending who were experienced, and some attending and riding on trails for the first times in their lives. The groups would break up into beginners and advanced and they would have a great time learning new skills and developing new friendships.

        It quickly became apparent that this was a group of people who were being missed. Not everyone is comfortable joining a male dominated group, so this became an outlet for those who just wanted to ride with other like-minded individuals.

        We will be starting these rides again this summer in late June. Keep tuned to our page as well as the Warman Mountain Bike Group on Facebook for more details and updates!

        5. Bikes, Beers, and BBQ Rides

        A few years ago, we worked out an idea with Tom, the owner of Homebound Brewery in Warman, to incorporate our favorite things. Biking, burgers and beer! We were asked if we ever do “normal” rides, not crazy ones. Rides anyone could join, including kids and families. And our Bikes, Beers & BBQ rides were born!

        This is our most laid back and relaxed rides we do. We have people of all ages and genders, bikes of all types, join us as we pedal through and around town working up our appetites for the tasty grilled burgers awaiting us back at the brewery. Our rides are typically 30-45 minutes long and we are just pedalling for the joy of pedalling. Nothing more. 

        After the ride, we meet back at the brewery where we grab some burgers along with a great beer (or pop/juice for the younger crowd!) and enjoy getting to know each other more and meeting new friends. 

        We will be starting these rides again very soon, typically a weekday evening, so stay tuned as we announce the dates on our social media! Bring out the whole family for a great evening and be part of Warman’s “bike gang” as we roll through the city streets.

        6. Exploring New Horizons with Gravel Bike Rides

        Gravel biking has taken the biking world by storm and we’re no exception. Gravel biking opens up new roads, new sights and new experiences that we wouldn’t normally have. We can take the “path less traveled”. A gravel ride can be a 10-15km loop or a multi-day tour.  Some of our favourite rides takes us to and along the river where the views are scenic and the terrain varies from one turn to the next.

        Most gravel bikes will be drop bar bikes, but some do have flat bars (drop bars give the rider more positions to avoid fatigue). Typically they will have little to no suspension with tires that are narrower than a mountain bike tire. A narrower tire will be more efficient and faster, but too narrow around our parts can be an issue in our deep gravel. Some of the best gravel bikes for our area are made of chromoly, a forgiving and absorbing material. The constant little vibrations of a gravel road are smoothed out with a chromoly frame. Of course, if speed is your goal, than a stiffer frame and narrow tires are your best option!

        This year we will be leading more regular gravel rides, our plan is 1-2 rides per month. There will be rides of varying length, from 15km loops for our beginner rides to 80km loops for our more advanced. We also are planning a bike-packing trip so stay tuned for that! As of now, we do not have a specific Facebook group for our gravel rides, but may do so if we need. Instead, we will be announcing them on our social media. Be sure to come out and ride, and if you don’t think you have a bike that works comes talk to us.

        7. Accessible Biking for All

        Our goal at Atlas is to remove the barriers. Biking does not have to be an “elite” activity, it can be something to everyone. Beginners or advanced riders, we want to create events and opportunities for more people to get out and ride. We want to build welcoming and inclusive environments for all riders.

        We also realize that not everyone rides the same type of bike. Not everyone wants to “shred a flow trail”. Not everyone is comfortable riding 30km/hr on skinny tires down a highway. And not everyone wants to ramble slowly around town. So the more events we can offer, the more likely we can find something for most people to enjoy. And the more barriers we can remove that keep people off of their bikes.

        In addition to rides, we will be offering beginner-friendly workshops and rides/tours where you can learn more about the sport and be better equiped to enjoy your riding.


          Riding a bike is an activity that is suitable for everyone. There are trikes for those that need more stability. Four wheeled units, recumbants powered by your arms, electric bikes and more. There is an option out there for you to enjoy!

          If you’re looking to get back out on your set of wheels, or just wanting to join a group of easy-going friends, come by the store and join our rides this summer. Experience the freedom that biking brings to us all.