Clean off that bike!

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 28th Aug 2019

I did a few quick videos of some basic bike cleaning procedures I go through every week (sometimes after every ride) to ensure my bikes are well maintained and always running at their peak capacity.&n … read more

The pain is temporary and soon forgotten

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 29th Jul 2019

I went for a little road ride this morning, clocked in about 40kms before having to get ready for the day. For whatever reason, mentally I was very alert and focused. I pushed my legs, even when they … read more

Riding with Traffic - Rules of the Road

11th Jul 2019

When you ride your bike around town, or on a highway, do you understand the rules of the road and how they apply to a cyclist? Many cyclists do not, as is the case with most motorists!Essentially, cyc … read more

Proper Helmet Fit

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 19th Jun 2019

I've heard it said "I don't need a helmet." Well, that may be true in a past tense meaning. In other words, you haven't had a crash and hit your head while riding a bike. Yet. And therefore, you haven … read more