COVID-19 Atlas Update

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 18th Mar 2020

As we all navigate these unknown waters, small businesses everywhere are trying to determine what the right thing to do is.Most of us will be hard pressed to get back on our feet if a prolonged closur … read more

Being Active and Healthy

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 17th Mar 2020

Health professionals and government officials around the world are working hard trying to figure out how best to handle this pandemic while the rest of us sit back and wonder if we're going to run out … read more


Posted by Scott MacDonald on 28th Dec 2019

Say "Yes!" to new adventures!Here at Atlas, since we started, this has been our slogan. Our catch phrase. We thought it fitting as we started a whole new adventure by opening Atlas Outdoors in Warman. … read more

Bike Storage Tips

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 20th Dec 2019

Considering the snow is here to stay (and has been here a while now), I'm sure many of you are looking to park your bikes for the winter. Granted, there are some of you out there still riding in this … read more

Clean off that bike!

Posted by Scott MacDonald on 27th Aug 2019

I did a few quick videos of some basic bike cleaning procedures I go through every week (sometimes after every ride) to ensure my bikes are well maintained and always running at their peak capacity.&n … read more