Health professionals and government officials around the world are working hard trying to figure out how best to handle this pandemic while the rest of us sit back and wonder if we’re going to run out of toilet paper…

Yes, we’re navigating a period of time where it seems nobody actually knows what to do or how to handle the barrage of news that is coming at us in such short order. Everybody is suddenly an expert, yet nobody actually knows what they’re talking about, so who do we trust? And what do we do?

You’ve likely seen the social media posts from many local, small businesses about supporting local, and we echo those same thoughts. I have seen post after post about businesses closing their doors temporarily during this time. These businesses are family owned. Local friends and neighbours. People where such closures will have massive impacts on their financial bottom line. Here at Atlas, we are no different. If this period of social distancing continues for long, it will hurt us as a business and as families. We, just as all the other businesses in this city, have stepped up our cleaning routines and are ensuring we do everything we can to keep our customers safe.

So what are we asking from you? Absolutely, we are asking that you check your local stores and shops first before going online. But, honestly, it’s even more than that. It’s more than simply making a decision to spend your money locally as opposed to filling Amazon’s pockets.

Here at Atlas Outdoors, we are also asking you to become more active outside.

Since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve promoted getting outside nearly every day. Hey, “outdoors” is a part of our name! We didn’t get into this business to sell you stuff. We got into this business because we wanted to share our love for outdoor activities with you.

(being active) makes us stronger while lifting our mood and lowering our anxieties. And who doesn’t need that right now?

But not just because we think it’s fun (although it is fun!). We love being outside because we know and have experienced the many health benefits, both physical and mental, that come along with spending time outside. Being active, especially being active outside, brings so much to our lives. It makes us stronger while lifting our mood and lowering our anxieties. And who doesn’t need that right now?

This is why we started bike groups and running groups. Why we have built relationships with you where you can call us and we head out on a hike with you. Why we chose to rent skis and snowshoes. This is why we started Atlas Outdoors. Because you can maybe buy products on Amazon. But you can’t get this experience online.

So as we are all trying to protect ourselves from this virus, as we try to do our best in sanitizing, washing and maintaining our health as best we know how, let’s not forget the benefits all around us. If we are to be socially distancing ourselves, do it by getting back to nature. Go camping. Go hiking. Go skiing. Get on some back country trails and get away. Your health will thank you. Your mood will thank you. You will thank you.

We live in a country of wide open spaces. Let’s not take that for granted. Let’s get outside.

If you are interested in what we can offer to help your outdoor experience, let us know. Come for a visit. Or, if you’d prefer not to venture into a retail space right now, message us and we can discuss delivery options for you.

Support local.

Get outside.

Live healthy.