I did a few quick videos of some basic bike cleaning procedures I go through every week (sometimes after every ride) to ensure my bikes are well maintained and always running at their peak capacity.


This is especially important to do after wet or muddy rides, but dusty rides should also be considered a priority. Any time that fine dust, grit and sand has managed to get inside moving parts it starts to break down your components. Clean them quickly to ensure longevity and enjoyable future riding!

Step 1 – Get things out of the way:

Make it easy on yourself. Prop the bike up, hang it, do whatever you can to make this simpler so that you enjoy it more.

Step 2 – Wash!

Hose off the rough stuff (do NOT rub it off with a towel!). Or, if you don’t have access to a hose, use a soft bristled brush to remove it before you start washing. I used a brush first, and then a micro-fiber cloth with a water-less wash solution from Finish Line to get this bike back to looking new again.

Step 3 – Clean the Drivetrain

This is huge. Your drivetrain is critical to your riding enjoyment, so don’t skimp here! Use a good degreaser, an old t-shirt or rag, and get that grease off the chain. Re-oil the chain with a good lubricant (please do NOT use motor oil, or kitchen oils!). Also, get a good penetrating lubricant and ensure all your pivots and moving parts are well lubricated. I use products by Muc Off, Finish Line and Tri-Flow for all our bikes at the store.

Now put get ready for more fun rides in the very near future!