Say “Yes!” to new adventures!

Here at Atlas, since we started, this has been our slogan. Our catch phrase. We thought it fitting as we started a whole new adventure by opening Atlas Outdoors in Warman. Talk about a new adventure!

This week my wife Corrie and I went snowshoeing. Another new adventure, on a much smaller scale of course. Sure, it was just down by the river, for a short time and there is still not a ton of snow. But it was something new that neither of us had done before. And it was so much fun.

How many winters have I wasted inside when there are things like snowshoeing and skiing to be doing? How many years have gone by that could’ve been so much more yet I said “No” to new adventures?

Starting Atlas has been an adventure indeed. Yes, for those close to either Adam or I you know it’s been an adventure with many ups and downs to be sure. It has been stretching, and it has come with its share of stress.

But we’ve met so many new people who share our interests. We’ve made new friends to go biking with or hunting with and we’ve been able to do more of what we love and work with what we enjoy.

Life can be hard. And life is short. And I can honestly say after a few decades of working for a living that doing something like this that we enjoy and are passionate about is truly a whole new experience that I wouldn’t change.

So as we embark on another year heading into 2020, don’t let it slip away too. Don’t simply work/eat/sleep every day. Before we blink, we’ll be sitting at the end of 2020 wondering where this year went as well and wishing we’d done more.

Get outside. Try something new. Enjoy your family and your friends. Pursue your passion.

Say “YES!” to that new adventure, and then to the next one and keep the ball rolling.

And, as always, come on by the store for a coffee and hang out by our “campfire” for a chat so we can discuss that new adventure together.